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KEKAHA KAI STATE PARK - Manini Owali Section

The clear, azure waters greet you as you crest the slight hill and begin your quick descent to the white sands along the rugged, volcanic steps. The gentle lull of the waves reaching shore reassures you that swimming here is safe and advised. The wooden lifeguard tower at the back of the beach – a relatively new addition, traded for the much loved ‘illegal’ taco truck that used to grace the beach path – is adorned with tanned, muscular locals enjoying their job in paradise. 

Frolicking in the spa-like water is for everyone, the young, the old, the non-swimmers; but, those who enjoy a soak can enter the warm waters and float, gently rocked by the slight swell. You do not come here to surf. You do not come here to boogie board. The few days where actual waves appear aren’t enough to merit a reputation for that sort of thing.  

Turtles often come close to shore, swimming under unsuspecting bathers. Groups of snorkelers appear almost instantly after a sighting. Their boisterousness interrupts the tranquillity the visitors seek, but they quickly float away towards the volcanic rocks a bit further out towards the horizon, in hopes of spotting the reef and its inhabitants.  

The sand is full. It’s dotted with bright towels, speckled with volcanic rock, studded with umbrellas, thick with fold-out chairs, and ornamented with eskis.  

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